Volume 6, Issue 1

Cover Illustration : Matthew Knapp

Volume 6, Issue 1

March, 2013




 The Role of Evidence-Based Medicine in Naturopathy
Jane Guiltinan ND, Joshua Z. Goldenberg ND, Rachelle L. McCarty ND MPH, Erica B. Oberg ND MPH

Original Research

A Cross-sectional study of Patient Satisfaction and Patient Retention in a Canadian Naturopathic Teaching Clinic
Farzaneh Osati, MSc, PhD, ND, Patricia Wolfe, ND Brenda Leung, ND, MSc, Sarah Beasleigh, ND, Karrin Fairman-Young, ND, Chris Hergesheimer, BA, MA
Shifting Attitudes Towards Research and Evidence-Based Medicine within the Naturopathic Medical Community: The Power of People, Money and Acceptance
Joshua Z. Goldenberg, Bonnie S. Burlingham MPH, Jane Guiltinan ND, Erica B. Oberg ND MPH
Naturopathic and Western Herbal Medicine Practitioners’ Perception of Proposed Changes to Regulatory Status in New Zealand: An Exploratory Survey.
Flatt J, Hahn S, PhD
A Phase 2 Prospective Clinical Trial to Explore the Safety and Efficacy of Polyherbal Extract HD-03/ES in HBeAg-Negative Chronic Hepatitis B
Manu Tandon, Anuradha, Pralhad S. Patki, MD
Antimicrobial Activity of a Unani Eye Drop Formulation in Experimentally Induced Corneal Ulcer in Rabbit’s Eye
Abdul Latif, MD; Abdul Razique, MD and R. R. Sukul, MS


Critical Review on Trends In Hydrotherapy Research
Dhananjay Arankalle, Jincy Sundaran, Raghuraj Puthige