Abstract | The Role of the ‘Eubiotic’ Diet in Intestinal Dysbiosis and Hypertension

· Abstract, Volume 4

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 A 69-year-old female patient presented with chief concerns of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, low immunity, and osteoarthritis in June 2006. It was hypothesized that the patient was suffering from dysbiosis based on her presenting symptoms and past medical history. The patient was treated with dietary interventions – specifically, the Eubiotic diet – in order to repair her gut tissues and function, and restore beneficial intestinal flora. After approximately six months on the diet, her symptoms of dysbiosis such as sinus congestion, bitter taste in the mouth, hypochondriac pain, and feeling gassy and bloated, all disappeared and her blood pressure stabilized, resulting in a dramatic reduction in prescription blood pressure medication use. The following report discusses how a naturopathic approach employing the Eubiotic diet is hypothesized to be the major intervention responsible for improving the patient’s hypertension. In this report, the potential physiological mechanisms and rationale are discussed with respect to this novel approach of care with an emphasis given to issues of gastrointestinal health and terrain.

Chih-Hsien (Bruce) Kao, BEng, ND (Cand.)


Keywords: naturopathic medicine, CAM, nutrition, complementary and alternative medicine, hypertension