Foundation for the Scientific Study of Spiritual | Letter to the Editor

· Volume 5

Dear Editor,

I have read your journal with interest and would like to share with you news regarding the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Spiritual and Complementary Healing. I have created this foundation in order to fund research in the area of spiritual healing. I believe that so little research on spiritually based healing is reported not because it doesn’t exist or can not be scientifically examined but because there are so few sources of funding. It is my view that when such research is funded and performed, studies do clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of spiritual healing; examples being the studies of intercessory prayer by Boyd or Targ. I sincerely hope your readers will be interested in this foundation and the opportunities for research I want to support. To be considered for a research grant, I would ask for the submission of a brief proposal, a CV, and an estimated budget by email to


Ira Moscowitz, PhD