Cover Illlustration: Don Russell Untitled,from Water Meditations (2005)

Volume 3, Issue 1
Summer 2006



Original Research

Health Benefits of Consumption of Fish Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Sylvia Santosa
Building Evidence for Naturopathic Medicine Are We Chasing Fool’s Gold?
Brenda Leung, ND
Development of a Practice Outcomes Monitoring and Evaluation System: An Example in Breast Cancer
Rachelle L. McCarty, ND
A Survey of Remedies Used by a Random Sample of Naturopathic Physicians in Connecticut and Washington
Karen R. Ball, ND, MPH Bastyr University Kenmore, Washington

Education and Debate

An e-discussion between Daniel Rubin, ND and Leanna Standish, ND, PHD on 11-23-04 AND 11-24-04
Daniel Rubin, ND

Book Reviews

A Review of
Helke Ferrie
“Textbook of Functional Medicine” Book Review
Paul Reilly, ND, LAc