Volume 5, Issue 1

Volume 5, Issue 1

Cover Illustration: Matthew Knapp

April, 2012



Original Research

Antioxidant, Immunomodulatory, and Anticancer Potential of Cultivated Edible Mushroom Pleurotus florida
Vivekanandan Kalaiselvan, M. Pharm, Ph. D., Ahmed Sultana, M. Pharm., Muthusamy Kalaivani, M. Pharm, Santhanam Prasath, M. Pharm., Aiyalu Rajasekaran, M. Pharm, Ph.D
Echinacea Differences Matter: Traditional Uses of Echinacea angustifolia Root Extracts vs Modern Trials With Echinacea purpurea Fresh Plant Extracts
Francis Brinker, ND
Evidence for the Topical Application of Castor Oil
Deborah A. Kennedy, MBA, ND, Dana Keaton, NMD, LAC
The Modern Evolution of “Diet”
Michael Long
Eating Whole Foods
Martha Reid, ND
Melatonin and the Gut
Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO


Practicing Naturopathic Medicine within the Canadian Medicare System
Jonathan E. Prousky, MSc, ND

Letters to the Editor

Foundation for the Scientific Study of Spiritual | Letter to the Editor
Ira Moscowitz, PhD
Iva Lloyd | Letter to the Editor
Iva Lloyd, ND
NPRI | Letter to the Editor
Carlo Calabrese, ND, MPH
Splenda | Letter to the Editor
Deborah Kennedy, ND